The Fort McHenry flag

The following persons answered a national call for volunteers to assist in researching, designing, and executing programs and initiatives for Preservation50. We are grateful for their generous sharing of time and talent.

  • Ryan Arvay, Historic Properties Coordinator, Historic Savannah Foundation
  • Stephanie Bohn, Volunteer, New York State Pavilion Paint Project
  • Suzanne Brooks, Rental Coordinator, Historic Columbia
  • Catherine Brown, Architectural Project Coordinator, HDR
  • Jennifer Carpenter, Historic Sites and Structures Program, Texas Parks and Wildlife
  • Paul Diebold, Assistant Director for Preservation Services, Indiana SHPO
  • Kaye Graybeal, Historic Preservation Planner, Knoxville
  • Christine Hoffman, Museum Site Manager, Chappell Hill Historical Society Museum
  • Dani Johnson, Trademark Attorney, U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
  • Jacqueline Johnson, Board Member, National Alliance of Preservation Commissions
  • Claire Lanier, Outreach and Creative Content Editor, History Colorado
  • Alissa Slade Lotane, Chief, Bureau of Historic Preservation, Florida Department of State
  • Aaron Marcavitch, Executive Director, Maryland Milestones/ATHA Inc.
  • Burr Neely, General Manager, Northern Land Use Research Alaska, LLC
  • Rachel Porter, Government Operations Consultant III, Office of the Secretary, Florida Department of State
  • Raina Regan, Community Preservation Specialist, Indiana Landmarks
  • Ed Salo, Assistant Professor, Arkansas State University
  • Roderick Scott, Owner, L&R Resources, LLC
  • Jordan Shoemaker, Project Specialist, Northeast Georgia Regional Commission
  • Cheri Szcondronski, Executive Director, Preservation Chapel Hill
  • Gabrielle Vicari, M.A. Historic Preservation, University of Delaware
  • Becky Zeller, Preservation Specialist, LSC Design