Below is a sample of some of the great articles being written about Preservation50 and/or the 50th year of the NHPA. Thank you to all the below groups for supporting the anniversary!

Milford Museum gets in on the act of preservation. The Beacon, Mike Finney, 23 September 2015. 

Preservation Takes the Spotlight in Fall Issue of ArchitectureBoston. ArchDaily, Eric Oh, 20 Sept 2015. 

CHP Building Unprecedented Coalition for Preservation50Cultural Heritage Partners, Greg Werkheiser, 17 August 2015. 

NRCS helps preserve and identify prehistoric fishing site in MaineNatural Resources Conservation Service Maine, 4 August 2015. 

Historic Preservation @Fifty Years: What is Going On? Living Landscape Observer, Brenda Barrett, 29 July 2015.

America’s Unheralded Gift to Tourism Will Soon Turn 50. Destination Stewardship Center, The P50 Team, 19 July 2015.

Join the Preservation50 Celebration! PreservationNation Blog, Eden Burgess and Preservation50, 23 June 2015.

Preserving Historic Places is Essential to a Strong Economy. Surfky NEWS, Craig A. Potts, 4 June 2015.

JTHG Gears Up For 100th Anniversary. Leesburg Today, Margaret Morton, May 2015.

NHPA 50th Anniversary. National Park Service.

Join the Preservation50 Celebration! The Lawyers’ Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation, 27 January 2015.

Help plan National Historic Preservation Act’s 50th anniversary. Mead & Hunt, 6 January 2015.

Preservation at 50: Planning for the Anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act. Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Office, Cory Kegerise, 17 December 2014.

50 Years of the National Historic Preservation Act. Gray & Pape, Inc.