Agenda Summary

Preservation50’s five goals were derived by consulting leaders in the field and the public, and refined over two years. Each goal, in bold below, has a primary strategy, in italics below. Each strategy is advanced through multiple initiatives, bulleted below.

Goal 1: Build the coalition required to power a more effective preservation movement.

Unite partners across sectors in the largest, most diverse, and most collaborative preservation coalition in history.

A typical plaque found on properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Photo credit: Jonathunder

A typical plaque found on properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Photo credit: Jonathunder

Goal 2: Learn from the first 50 years of the NHPA to plan preservation’s stronger future.

Organize discussions of critical topics that connect lessons learned with new strategies.

  • Conduct a broad poll of the preservation-minded public to identify key priorities for Preservation50’s agenda.
  • Curate best-in-class content on key topics about preservation’s past and future.
  • Celebrate how far preservation has come at conferences and events.
  • Document preservation’s powerful impacts on communities nationwide.
  • Host a commemorative event at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, Texas.
  • Arrange for free digital distribution of With Heritage So Rich, the book that led to the NHPA.
  • Publicize success stories and lessons learned.

Goal 3: Tell the story of heritage preservation’s value to a broad range of Americans .

Use social, digital, and traditional media to reveal impacts in ways visual, savvy, and inclusive.

  • Build into a dynamic and interactive web platform.
  • Coproduce a television series and/or film to convey the value of preservation to a mass audience.
  • Run a robust social media campaign spotlighting the missions and works of all partners.
  • Design and distribute an e-newsletter to broad and diverse stakeholders.
  • Conduct a national photography contest to convey preservation’s power visually.
  • Deploy Next Exit History, a historic places tourism app featuring 60,000+ historic sites.
  • Develop compelling messages for diverse audiences in a traditional media campaign.
  • Develop and deploy an inspiring brand and representative logos.
  • Align brand with Super Bowl 50 to reach a broader demographic.
  • Enlist recognized personalities to produce public service announcements.
  • Host Making Archaeology Public Project (MAPP) videos about how archaeology improves public life.

Goal 4: Educate policymakers about improving heritage policy and funding.

Lay the groundwork for greater credibility and influence in subsequent years.

  • Marshall partners’ members to participate in educational visits with federal and state legislators
  • Craft messaging and strategy to explain benefits of full and permanent funding of the Historic Preservation Fund.
  • Develop future public policy recommendations for the next President and future Congresses.
  • Host a Capitol Hill launch reception.
  • Craft a model joint resolution for state legislatures to recognize the impacts of the NHPA.

Goal 5: Prepare the heritage preservation movement’s future leaders.

Forge programs that build the capacity of emerging leaders capable of transformative action.

  • Identify, engage, educate, and network individuals capable of securing past and future progress.
  • Design curricula and pedagogy for in-person and on-line offerings.
  • Explore strategies to match volunteer talent to preservation organizations’ needs nationwide.