The HPF is used by State and Tribal Historic Preservation Offices on activities that support the local economy, heritage, and jobs:

  • Identifying and nominating properties to the National Register
  • Providing guidance and approval on Historic Tax Credit projects
  • Conducting a comprehensive survey and maintaining an inventory of historic resources
  • Providing public information, education, training & technical assistance
  • Preparing & Implementing State Preservation Plans
  • Creating and working with Certified Local Governments
  • Reviewing federal projects for their impact on historic resources
  • Advising and assisting local, state & federal governments on preservation projects

What is the Historic Preservation Fund?

All across the country and in your local neighborhood, the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) has helped to recognize, save, revitalize and protect America’s historic places. For nearly forty years the HPF has built community education and pride, rescued and rehabilitated significant historic sites. It has created opportunities for economic growth, therefore making extremely effective the dollar-for-dollar return on investment.

The HPF is uniquely structured, allocating a tiny percentage of federal offshore drilling revenue (non-tax-payer dollars) towards locating, protecting, and utilizing historic sites. Every year, since 1976, $150 million has been deposited into the HPF account in the federal treasury – yet over $3.3 billion has been spent elsewhere. With America’s history disappearing all around us, it’s time the HPF be utlized for its intended purpose of saving, not plundering, America’s historic resources.

Despite chronic underfunding, since 1976 the HPF has facilitated over 80,000 listings on the National Register, the survey of millions of acres for cultural resources, and $109 billion in private investment through the Historic Tax Credit – which has rehabilitated 40,000 historic buildings and created 2.4 million local jobs. Few federal programs have provide this return, making it a sound investment.

There is still much work to do as our national inventory ages and full funding for the HPF is vital for state and local support. The HPF is a win-win – using non-tax payer dollars to partner with States and Tribes to help save the important places in your community AND bringing your local voice to federal decision making.

HPF Funds and Offshore Revenues, FY2013