Planning and Organizing Your Own P50 Event

Every event is different with its own set of unique needs, yet there are many considerations that all Preservation50 events will need to take into account to be a success. Following is a basic framework from which to create state and local Preservation50 events.

1. Plan Your Event

Define your Purpose

  • Use the P50 website as a source of information about Preservation50 in order to make sure your event aligns with the goals of Preservation50
  • Check in with your local historic preservation offices (SHPOs) to see what they are doing for Preservation50

Determine your Audience

  • Who is your audience?
  • Think about ways to tailor your event to the needs of your audience

Organize an Event Committee

  • Who will constitute the core group who will be working on the event?
  • What skills and knowledge can team members bring to the planning?
  • Create a timeline of tasks and assign tasks to committee members

Devise an Events Budget

  • Consider realistic costs for your event
  • Brainstorm funding sources, including grants, fundraising efforts, or private donations

Select a Date/Time

  • Morning, afternoon, or evening?
  • Which season?

Select a Venue

  • Outside or inside?
  • One location or multiple locations?

2. Organize Your Event

Determine what you will need for the Venue

  • Will you need special equipment?
  • Will you need rentals (e.g. stage, microphones, audio/visual aids)?

Determine Catering Services

  • Will you be providing any catering services at the event?
  • Do you need any licenses or permits for serving food or beverages?

Program Planning

  • Do you need any speakers? If so, how many and how long will each speaker speak?
  • Will you host activities or provide entertainment? For example: scavenger hunts, wine tastings, historic walk or tour, volunteer at a historic rehabilitation project, happy hour at a historic pub


  • How will you advertise for your event?
  • Consider using: social media, your website, your local historic preservation offices’ website, the Preservation50 website, download and use the Preservation50 logos, pamphlets, radio/TV advertisements

 3. After Your Event

  • What are your clean up requirements?
  • Be sure to thank any speakers, attendees, volunteers, event committee members, venues, and caterers
  • Tell Preservation50 how your event went and send us any pictures to add to our website!


Don’t forget to…

Add your event to the P50 Calendar!

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Reach out to your SHPO!

Reach out to THPOs in your region.

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